About Me

Hello my name is Brooklyn Caroline. I’m the author/creater of Faith, Family, Fashion. I created this blog for young women and girls across the world. Because I feel like those are the three most important things in a girl’s life and it’s definitely the most important in mine.

My Faith– My faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has carried me through the good and the bad. I don’t know what I’d do without my God by my side at all times. I feel so blessed being able to tell you all about my faith in him! 

My Family– I love my family more then anything else in this whole world! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.  My family is really close with each other, we do everything together. Being in the middle of five kids can be crazy at times be I know there is nothing that could tear us kids apart. 

My Fashion– I’ve been obsessed with clothes my whole life and as I got older I realised that importance of my style. Fashion is a way I can express myself without having to say a word. It says so much about you! It’s the first thing people see about you. So it’s the first opinion they have of you. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!! 




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