Top 10 Myths About Homeschoolers

I’m 16 years old and I’m homeschooled. I’ve never been to public school ever in my life. This may be a shock to most if not all people. But believe it or not I’m still a perfectly normal human. I’m writing this post because people act like homeschoolers are a different species in this world. I would like to shed some light on the stereotypes and myths you may have heard about us. 

#1 We don’t “Socialize” with the outside world.

I really don’t get this one. Just because we don’t go to school doesn’t mean we don’t talk to kids. We “socialize” at church, 4-H clubs, club sports etc. Need I go on?And in some states homeschool kids can even play sports at the public school! 

#2 We don’t go to public school because we can’t handle it. 

Yeah that’s it……………..  Our work is just has hard of even harder then public school. What couldn’t we handle? If you can’t handle sitting in a classroom for two hours then you have some problems. It doesn’t seem that hard to me. 

#3 We worship the Duggar Family. 

Okay big timeout on that one! The Duggars are freaks to put it nicely! But sadly yes there is a lot of homeschoolers who like the Duggars but there is a lot of us who think they’re weird and perverted.

#4 We’re sheltered freaks who can’t watch TV or listen to music. 

Haha I laugh at this one. The amount of music I listen to is kinda ridiculous. There’s not a genre of music I don’t listen to. And I also watch TV believe it or not.

#5 We’re all religious weirdos.

Okay first I don’t like the term “religious” because that could mean any religion. Second I’m not religious I’m a Christian regardless to what school I go to I will always follow Christ.

#6 We’re crazy book smart but we can’t handle the real world.

 Not all of us are bookworms. We’re not all nerds and we can handle the real world just fine! 

#7 We don’t do real school.

This totally contradicts #6 but people still think this for whatever reason. We do real school, we have real books, with real subjects. And we get real deplomas too! 

#8 We can’t go to college.

We can go to any college we want . It doesn’t matter. Again we get real deplomas and everything!

#9 Homeschool family’s have 27 kids and they live in a shoe.

Not all Homeschool family’s have lots of kids I’m in the middle of five kids and I don’t think that’s a lot. There are lots of family’s with two or three kids that Homeschool.

#10 We hate all public school kids, teachers, and faculty. 

We don’t hate public school we just school differently that’s all. No need to get crazy. I don’t think everyone should Homeschool , some parents just aren’t cut out for schooling their kids and that’s fine. We don’t hate kids that go to public school either, my best friends go to public school. 

I hope this helps you understand that homeschoolers are people just like me or you. And that we’re not all freaks. 



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