My weekend: Learning to love myself (the hard way).

Hey y’all so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been writing in my new blog Brooklyn’s Radio. I’m going to try to blog more I promise. 

So it all started on Friday …………….. I was dying my hair black with the help of my sister. I have really long thick hair so I use four boxes to cover my whole head. I had never died my hair black before only really dark brown. Everything went normal she died my hair and I washed all the dye out like I have before. I woke up on Saturday with my head itching but I didn’t think anything of it because it didn’t last very long. 

But later that day it all started, my ears swelled up , got red and itched like crazy! I was having an allergic reaction to the hair dye! I’d never had any type of reaction before but apparently black hair dye is a lot stronger than other colours and you are more likely to be allergic to it. The next day I had to buy itching cream for my ears and clarifying shampoo to get all the extra dye out of my hair. On Sunday I also started to get hives on my legs that made them itch like crazy!! Which is normal I learned when having a reaction to hair dye. 

I was so afraid I was going to lose all my hair or that I would have to cut it all off!! But after a lot of benadryl and Google searches it looks like I’m not going to lose my hair after all! It took me all weekend but I’m almost back to normal my ears aren’t swollen but they’re super dry now because of the dye that was on them and the hives are slowly going away on my legs. Now my just trying to wash all the extra dye out of my hair which is taking a few washes a day!

I’m thankful that it didn’t get any worse but I looks like I’m not dying my hair ever again. Because now I can start having a reaction every time I dye my hair no matter what colour. So be careful if you’re dying your hair at home! I advise is not to after what I went through because it could have been a lot worse. Now I must learn to love my natural self (I kinda don’t have a choice) and enjoy my back hair before my roots start to grow out and I start the long process of getting back to my natural hair colour! 

So my advice to you is God gave you that hair colour don’t change it! If you want to change your hair cut it or do those cool hair wraps with string! Or even get extensions but don’t put any more chemicals in your beautiful natural hair!


Brooklyn πŸ™‚


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