Boho, Indie, and Hippie. What the heck is the difference??

When it comes the fashion and style we hear three main names right now.Boho ,indie, and hippy ; this can get confusing for most people. And that’s because we tend to all lump them all together which is not surprising. To the untrained eye they all look the same but there are some big things that set them apart from each other……


Indie is sort of the “tomboy” out of all three. If boho and grunge had a baby that would be indie.You get a lot of the hardness with grunge. But with a softer side like baggy sweaters and flower print skirts. There is not a lot of bright colors when it comes to indie it’s filled with muted earth tones in some ways it kinda looks faded. 


Boho stems from the 1970s free and easy way of living and dressing. If I had to describe it with one word it would be flowy.A lot of loose fitting goes with the flowy style in this one . Boho has a lot of light soft colors and a lot of jewelry mostly rings and chokers. In a lot of ways it’s very girly compared to indie.


The hippie style has been around for a very long time. While some modern change has been made the roots are still there. One thing that will never leave is the bell bottoms! They will always be one of the biggest staples of the style alongside the tye dye and Navajo prints! And let’s not forget the long hair and the headbands!! 

I hopes this helps the next time you go shopping!!! Keep an eye out for new blogs on the way!!


Brooklyn Harden


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