11 things you should know before you read The Outsiders

I just read The Outsiders, I literally read the whole thing today!  I loved this book so much that I had to blog about it! So I put together 11 things you should know before you read it!

#1 You’ll wish it was 1967.
The book was published in 1967 so while your read the book you will wish you lived in that area.

#2 Soc or Greaser?
Do you identify with a Soc or a Greaser? You’ll find out real quick while reading this book. ( I’m kinda in the middle of being a Soc and being a Greaser LOL)

#3 You’ll get sucked in real fast!
You won’t want to do anything else but read and find what happens next! As you’re reading, you’ll feel like you’re in the book as well!

#4 You will want to laugh and cry!
Okay so maybe it’s just me, but I did cry reading this book. Poneyboy and Johnny’s friendship was just too much it shouldn’t have ended that way! :,)

#5 You will fall in love with “Soda pop”.
I’m not meaning the drink……….. You’ll get what I mean when you read the book.

#6 You’ll want to start calling all soda’s “Cokes”.
I guess that’s what they call them in Oklahoma but no matter where you live you’ll start calling them Cokes.

#7 You will want to read “Gone With the Wind”.
When you start reading “Gone With the Wind” all you’ll think about is Johnny, Poneyboy, and that dang church!

#8 “Stay Gold Poneyboy”.
Those words will stab you in the heart like a knife! You will cry!

#9 You will appreciate your friends and family a lot more!
This is about more then just a couple of Greasers, it’s about when it comes down to it you can always count and your family and true friends!

#10 You’ll crave Pepsi and Chocolate Cake with eggs!
It sounds weird now but you just wait and see for yourself!

#11 You can’t wait to see the movie!
I haven’t seen the movie yet but I think it’s pretty close to the book!

I hope you go and read this book right now!! Stay tuned for more book related posts!!

Stay Gold!


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