♥Monday Motivation♥

Happy Monday Motivation! This Monday I’m going to Motivate you to be confident! That may sound a bit first grade but think about it, are you confident enough to not care what people think? The answer is probably not. It’s easy not to be confident in yourself when the world has a standard they think all teens should be like. Society wants kids to “fit in” not to stand out. I think fitting in is boring you should stand out who said you had to be like everyone else? Think of some people who have changed the world were they like everyone else? Heck no! What do you think would of happened if Albert Einstein wasn’t confident in himself? And what about Amelia Earhart she was anything but a “normal” woman for that time but she was confidant and she made a difference. Do you see how important it is to be confident? Who cares what people think? If they want to judge let them judge because most of the time that just means they’re jealous of you anyway. You shouldn’t go through life unheard-of! Be you because no one can do you better then you! So from now on you should be confident in everything you do because no one ever knows the person’s name in the background.



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