Last minute Valentines Day gifts!

So you just remembered that Sunday is Valentines Day and you need to find the perfect last minute gift for you GF or BF. Before you run to Target to get cheesy flowers and a way to expensive box of chocolates take a look at the lists below. ⬇⬇

What to do for your girlfriend for Valentines Day!

#1Write her a letter. I don’t mean send her a long text! Find some paper and a pen and get on it . Writing her a letter saying how much you love and care for her is not as crazy as you might think! It’s unique and it will make her feel like she’s important to you and she can keep it forever! And it’s so Nicolas Sparks film worthy.

#2 Make her dinner. If you don’t know how to cook order something and have dinner at your house or if you have a truck have it in the back of the truck with a bunch of blankets and pillows. It’s so country song worthy.

#3 Movie Night! Find out what her favorite movie and her favorite food/desert and eat the food and watch the movie it couldn’t be more easy!

What to do for your boyfriend for Valentines Day!

#1 Make a man basket. Okay so it’s like a “gift basket” but more manlier! Fill it full of little things he would like such as his favorite candy, soda, or snack, he will love it because it’s personalized just for him!

#2 Buy him a hat. Most guys wear hats no matter was type of guy he is more then likely he wears hats. So if you want to buy him a little something that’s the way to go! If he’s a country boy then buy him a baseball or cowboy hat. If he’s more of a skater/surfer guy bye him snap back.

#3 Take him out on a date. Most girls don’t realize that their the ones getting taken out on dates. So go to his favorite food place ( and no it doesn’t have to be fancy) and then go see a movie he wants to see he will like the extra attention.

I hoped this helps you have the perfect Valentines Day!

With Love,

Brooklyn C Harden.


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