On my phone!

This is a new series of blogs I will be writing all about apps on my phone! I thought it would be fun to share with all of you some of my favorite apps! Comment below your favorite apps I would love to hear about them too!

If you read my Favorites Blog you would have seen that I wrote about the app “Goodreads” and how much I love it!I love this app so much that I decided that it needs it’s own blog post on how great it is!!

About The App
Goodreads is a book lovers dream app!! It allows you to follow people that like the same books you do, search books by author or title, save books you want to read, keep track of books you’ve already read , rate and review books you’ve read , and it also has a barcode scanner so you can scan a barcode of a book and it will pop up! ( isn’t that awesome?) It’s available for android and Apple phones!
And the best part is …….. it’s free to download!! All you do is sign up (that’s also free as well) and get started!

I hope you liked this little blog and that you give Goodreads a try!

Till next time,
The Fashion Loving Princess πŸ™‚


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