A Few of My Favorite Things!

Every month I will try to write a blog on what I’ve been loving lately. I love writing this because its not just fashion it could be anything from movies to books and TV shows all the way to food!! So lets get started!

My Favorite in music! So there has been a lot of new music lately in the past month or so. But if I had to pick some favorites would be…………

#1 Adele -Hello, so we haven’t herd from Adele in a while and I feel like this is what we all needed from her!! I love this song soooooooo much its crazy and the best part is its off her new album “25” coming out November 20th!!! (watch the video here)

#2 One Direction – Perfect ,there has been a lot of talk about this song, people think they wrote it about Taylor Swift weather its about her of not its still a good song! But I do have to say I miss Zayne and he should come back he was always my favorite! (watch the video here)

#3 Lauren Alaina – Next Boyfriend ,Lauren Alaina is BACK!!!!! With a great song! I’ve been waiting so long to hear new music from her and its finally here! (listen to it here)

My favorite in Makeup and Nails!

So I’ve been trying out some makeup and nail polish from the brand “L.A Colors” and I have to say I was surprised on how good of quality it was for being so cheap! Their nail polish has so many colors to pick from its amazing! I totally recommend them to any princesses who are on a tight budget of just are looking for cheap alternatives! Check out their website here!

My favorite in websites and apps!!

I have one website/app for you!!

#2 Goodreads- If you love reading you will love this website/app! Okay so its basically Google of books! When you search a book you will get a star rating and hundreds of reviews for the book!! You can also sign up and add books to a “want to read” list or you can  mark the books you are already reading to keep track! Plus its an app for android and iphone!  ( visit the website here)


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